Providing clients with

valuable insights through qualitative research

Optimally customized research

to address your challenges and needs


We’re a group of dedicated qualitative researchers who love helping our clients deepen their understanding and empathy for the Japanese market through observation, interaction, and exploration. We have the marketing mind-set to help facilitate the creative process and strategic considerations behind any important business decision.


As a team of client-oriented professionals, Sugata Research provides high-quality and specialized marketing research services customized
to address your unique issues and challenges.


Outstanding reputation and achievements in qualitative research


High quality respondents


Experienced professionals with global diversity


World class research labs


We recommend optimal solutions to address unique business issues of each client by leveraging a range of methodologies.

Consumer Research

Bespoke research engaging consumers of all life stages, across both mainstream and niche product and service categories, designed to provide understanding of diverse lifestyles, behaviours, needs, and preferences.

Business Research

Business facing research tailored to empower strategic planning and actionable insights based on the distinct attitudes, motivations and behaviours prevalent in the Japanese B2B market.


From medical professionals to patients and caregivers, healthcare research engages both sides of the equation, covering a wide range of topics ranging from branding and strategy to new product positioning, to help uncover valuable findings on the current and future direction of the Japanese medical sector.


Focused on all things technical and digital, technology research covers the gamut of industry, product and service categories, ranging from machines and devices to software solutions and services to gaming and content streaming, to deliver keen insights and glimpses of the future.

Depth/Focus Group Interview

Whether face-to-face or online, one-on-one interviews and group discussions are designed to deep dive into any given topic to elicit meaningful responses and consumer truths.


Immersive research methodology conducted in a more 'natural' environment (such as the home or place of business) to uncover deeper insights and behavioural understanding through interviews and obsevational techniques.

UI/UX Research

Research methodology that utilises end user feedback and behavioural observation to glean actionable insights into how users interact with products, the issues they encounter and potential unmet needs.

Cultural Intelligence

A broad and many faceted discipline, cultural intelligence enables the discovery, understanding, and mapping of a people’s socio-cultural contexts and outputs, whether it be for decoding the meaning of particular cultural “artifacts,” illuminating the latest street fashion trends, or understanding shifting political views.




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