New and Revised Guidelines for the Prevention Coronavirus Infection
HOMENEWSNewsNew and Revised Guidelines for the Prevention Coronavirus Infection

New and Revised Guidelines for the Prevention Coronavirus Infection


Revision of the operation rules for the prevention of infection

Sugata Research has been establishing operational rules for infection prevention measures in order to conduct in-person interviews safely. However, following the recent downgrading of the status of new coronavirus to category 5 under the Infectious Disease Control Law, the guidelines will be revised as follows for in-person interviews conducted on and after May 8, 2023.

Management of Participants

  • The questioning of following items are no longer required at the time of screening
    • Fever within 2 weeks and/or in close contact with someone infected
    • Travel and vaccination history
  • If the applicant has a fever or any other health condition before the day of the fieldwork, a report will continue to be required.
    • To be indicated in the research outline within the screener and in the invitation letter.

Report of infection after completion of fieldwork

  • The obligation to report infections after the completion of the inspection will be eliminated.

Operation Rules for in Facility Interviews

  • Number of respondents: unlimited
  • Number of people in back room: unlimited
  • Wearing a mask: Optional
    • It is optional for the respondent, moderator, interpreter, client, and our staff.
    • Obtain prior permission from respondents to the effect that it is voluntary.
  • Fieldwork with tastings and mock-ups are acceptable.
  • Ventilation measures and alcohol disinfection of seats, desks, etc. at the end of each session will continue.

Operation Rules for Home Visits

  • Number of visitors: No limit (but the size of the respondent’s home must be taken into consideration)
  • Wearing masks: optional for the respondent. Visitors (moderators, interpreters, clients, and our staff) may wear masks according to the respondents’ wishes.


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