Consumer Research

Bespoke research engaging consumers of all life stages, across both mainstream and niche product and service categories, designed to provide understanding of diverse lifestyles, behaviours, needs, and preferences.

Case Studies


Ready-meals in South East Asia

With lifestyles diversifying and incomes increasing in South East Asia, we helped a leading global food maker to explore consumers’ changing needs, preferences and home-grown innovations in ready-meal preparation in the Philippines.


Food Delivery Needs in Japan

We explored the drivers and barriers to delivery services in Japanese urban and suburban areas, as well as the perceived benefits of multiple restaurant chains for later promotion


App-based Language Learning

A leading provider of app-based language learning solutions came to us for help with understanding the often contradictory consumer preferences and behaviours around free- and subscription-based services. Via a combination of cultural scoping and consumer engagement we enabled a more nuanced approach to the needs of Japanese language learners.


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