Business Research

Business facing research tailored to empower strategic planning and actionable insights based on the distinct attitudes, motivations and behaviours prevalent in the Japanese B2B market.

Case Studies


Public Cloud Adoption

In a B2B market that is typically slow to adopt new technologies, we worked with a titan of global cloud provision to help them understand how to position themsleves as leader of the pack and the go-to offering for business usage of public cloud in Japan.


VR for Business

Japanese companies are notorious for "leading from behind" and being lagging adopters of new technologies. In this project we discovered the most appealing points of approach towards Japanese businesses for VR/ AR business tools as well as providing a detailed primer on doing business with Japanese companies the "Japanese way."


Financial Sector Customer Satisfaction

Working on behalf of a global financial powerhouse, we performed a series of detailed depth interviews to help our client understand what works and what doesn't work for their key customers in the Japanese financial sector.


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