Immersive research methodology conducted in a more 'natural' environment (such as the home or place of business) to uncover deeper insights and behavioural understanding through interviews and obsevational techniques.

Case Studies


Immersive deep dive with Japanese virtual reality users

With the presence of virtual reality continuing to grow in prominance, we conducted a series of immersive home-visits to help a leading device manufacturer understand how VR headsets are being used in Japanese homes and through behavioural observation and careful analyis were able to reveal current unmet needs and potential future use cases.


Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Online Shopping Behaviours

We observed consumers' in-home online shopping behaviours to help a leading e-commerce client gain insights into the motivations and needs of pandemic-era online shoppers


Content Creators

We explored the needs of mid and upper tier Japanese content creators for audience building and self-promotion. Speaking with the creators in their own spaces also allowed us to discover some of the production issues unique to the Japanese market.


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