From medical professionals to patients and caregivers, healthcare research engages both sides of the equation, covering a wide range of topics ranging from branding and strategy to new product positioning, to help uncover valuable findings on the current and future direction of the Japanese medical sector.

Case Studies


Multiple Myeloma product positioning

In a clinical area where treatment methods continue to evolve, we worked with a major player in the pharmaceutical industry to taylor their messaging to suit the needs of Japanese physicians and create optimal positioning of their new product among competitors.


Understanding Intractable Skin Disease Flare-up Cycles

We conducted a year-long nationwide online diary engagement and regular monthly interviews with patients suffering from intractable skin diseases, to help a major pharmaceutical company to better understand the flare-up cycle and implement measures for future patient support.


Re-positioning a Poorly Performing Allergy Drug

We were commissioned to find a new positioning after weak sales of a new allergy drug. In-depth interviews with HCP's describing their prescription patterns and patients, detailing their most troublesome symptoms, revealed a critical missing link that when incorporated into the new proposition lead to a signicant improvement in the drug's sales performance.


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