UI/UX Research

Research methodology that utilises end user feedback and behavioural observation to glean actionable insights into how users interact with products, the issues they encounter and potential unmet needs.

Case Studies


Smartphone Practical and Aesthetic Design Preferences

Working with a leading smartphone manufacturer, we conducted extensive UX focused interviews to explore the practical and aesthetic preferences in smartphone design among Japanese consumers and to deliver actionable insights to help inform and optomise product design decisions.


Localizing a Global E-Payments Platform

Following a less than optimal product launch into the Japanese market, a global e-payments client approached us for help developing a more culturally empathetic and aesthetically comprehensible localization approach for their online dashboards.


Companion App Registration Optimisation

Through a series of carefully planned UX tests, we assisted a leading global manufacturer in understanding and overcoming the key points of friction that were causing significant barriers for user registration of their companion app.


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