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Personal Information Protection Policy


Sugata Research Co., Ltd. contributes to society by researching and collecting (acquiring) information on attitudes and realities of consumers regarding products and services through marketing research, statistically processing the information, and providing it to businesses, organizations, and others.


As a company collecting (acquiring) and handling data that includes personal information of consumers on a daily basis, we are committed to collect (acquire), utilize and safely manage personal information in a fair manner. To unambiguously affirm our commitment to privacy, we have established the following “Personal Information Protection Policy” and hereby declare to all parties inside and outside of our company that we will abide by this Policy.


(1) Collection (acquisition), use, and provision of personal information

Personal information is collected (acquired) by legitimate and fair means with clearly defined objectives.


Personal information is used only within the scope of the purpose for which it was consented to and will not be used for any other purposes. In the event where it is needed to go beyond the scope of the purpose originally consented to in order to achieve necessary objectives, we will first obtain a renewed consent of the concerned individuals then establish and maintain measures to ensure use within the new and revised scope of the purpose agreed upon.


As a general rule, we do not share personal information with third parties of any kind, but should this prove necessary, the consent of the concerned individuals will always be obtained in advance.


Personal information is managed in an accurate and up-to-date state within the scope required to achieve the objectives of use.


(2) Compliance with laws and other regulations pertaining to protection of personal information

In handling personal information, we comply with the laws and national policies pertaining to the handling of personal information, as well as “Marketing Research Guidelines” and “Marketing Research Industry Personal Information Protection Guidelines” stipulated by the Japan Marketing Research Association, of which we are a member of.


(3) Safe management of personal information

Organizational, human, physical, and technical precautions are taken to maintain safe management of and to prevent and address leakage, loss, or damage of personal information.


(4) Response to grievances and consultation

For inquiries and grievances regarding our handling of personal information, please contact Personal Information Protection Services at Sugata Research specified in Section 5. We will respond without delay to requests for notification of purpose of use, disclosure, revision (correction, addition, or deletion of contents), or cessation of use (cessation of use, removal, or cessation of provision to third parties) of retained personal information by concerned individuals and/or their proxies.


(5) Continual improvement of the personal information protection management system

To put our personal information protection policy into practice, we have established and implemented a personal information protection management system including rules and regulations. In order to maximize viability of the system, we provide training to all employees and audit operational status on a regular basis and the system is reviewed and improved on a continual basis.


All employees of Sugata Research exercise the utmost care in daily operations based on a clear and thorough understanding of the aims of the personal information protection policy and procedure for handling personal information to ensure protection of personal information.



April 1, 2015 (enacted)

March 4, 2020 (latest revision)


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