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Depth/Focus Group Interview

Whether face-to-face or online, one-on-one interviews and group discussions are designed to deep dive into any given topic to elicit meaningful responses and consumer truths.

Case Studies


Uncovering Emotional Drivers for Online Storage

Following an extensive but somewhat confusing global quantitive survey of users of cloud storage services, we conducted depth interviews and focus groups to help a market leader see through the practical responses of Japanese users to better understand the emotional needs influencing trial and adoption


Understanding Psychology of Skincare Brand's Churned Customers

We conducted depth interviews among current and lapsed customers of a long-established encumbent of Japan's rapidly evolving skincare market to understand the psychology of loyalty and churn among Japanese consumers


Refining Educational Tablets for Children

Via a two-phase series of focus groups with parents we garnered opinions and invaluable input on prototype tablet configurations intended to supplement junior-school curriculums to inform concept development and refining.


Optimal monitoring environment

The selection of the right venue is important in qualitative research as differences in research environments are often reflected in how respondents answer your questions.
Sugata Research is equipped with industry-leading facilities and ideal environments to probe natural reactions of respondents aligned with issues, objectives, and methodologies.

In-house monitoring facility


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