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Cultural Intelligence

A broad and many faceted discipline, cultural intelligence enables the discovery, understanding, and mapping of a people’s socio-cultural contexts and outputs, whether it be for decoding the meaning of particular cultural “artifacts,” illuminating the latest street fashion trends, or understanding shifting political views.

Case Studies


Decoding the Meaning of “Wellness” in Japan

Via a combination of experience, traditional desk research and semiotic analysis we helped a leading global semiotician decode the social, economic and political meanings of “wellness” in contemporary Japan.


Exploration of Japanese Business-to-Business Interactions

While assisting a client in their preliminary market intelligence in Japan it came to light that they had no experience of doing business with Japanese companies. This can present a major challenge to new entrants to the Japanese market, so we prepared an extensive deck covering a range of cultural touch stones which help to understand and navigate the Japanese business environment.


Explaining Japanese Architecture

A detailed report on the layouts and interior designs of Japanese homes was prepared for a major overseas hardware manufacturer to guide their future product development and current product advertising strategy to ensure maximum relevancy for Japanese users.


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