Focused on all things technical and digital, technology research covers the gamut of industry, product and service categories, ranging from machines and devices to software solutions and services to gaming and content streaming, to deliver keen insights and glimpses of the future.

Case Studies


Visual Search in Japan

In one of the world’s most visually saturated and informed societies, we helped a global technology and information giant understand how gaps between consumer needs and behaviours in visual search services present opportunities for product refinement and increased cultural relevance.


Mapping and Navigation

We explored the key differences inherent to Japan's navigation by foot and mass transit vs. the more car-centric US model. Particular attention was paid to discovering Japan specific concerns about safety when navigating to new locations.


Japanese Streaming and Video Engagement

Collaborating with a major tech company in the video and streaming space, we undertook a series of online focus groups to deep dive into the unique way that Japanese consumers engage with content creators.


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