Discover Space D: Sugata Research’s Premier Qualitative Research Facility
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Discover Space D: Sugata Research's Premier Qualitative Research Facility


Welcome to Space D, the latest addition to Sugata Research’s portfolio of research facilities. Built with careful attention to detail and informed by our many years of hands-on research experience, our lab is tailor-made to support a wide range of qualitative research needs for both domestic and international clientele.

Prime Location Equals Effortless Access

Strategically nestled between Yoyogi and Shinjuku stations, Space D ensures smooth access and hassle-free travel for both participants and clients alike. Experience Tokyo with ease and soak up the surrounding culture while attending interviews at our central hub.

Space D entrance

Innovative Functional Design for Comprehensive Insights

State of the art backroom

Whether you’re looking to hold in-depth interviews or CLTs, our versatile research lab is fully adaptable and offers a wide range of customisation options. With adjustable table configurations and a retractable ceiling-mounted whiteboard, the size and layout of the space can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your research session.

Space D Interview room

Movable Whiteboard

State-of-the-art Visualization Tools

Equipped with an expansive 70-inch monitor that enhances the presentation of visual research material and features fully interactive whiteboard capabilities that allow annotation directly onto the projected content.

Interactive Digital Whiteboard

Capture Every Interaction in Real-time

Thanks to the strategically positioned ceiling camera, capturing smartphone interfaces during UI/UX studies has never been easier. These interactions can be projected onto the large monitor and/or straight into the backroom, allowing viewers to observe all the action in real-time. With adaptable ceiling lighting, we’ve also eliminated any pesky reflections to allow for optimal visibility.

UX Camera Real-Time

Optimised Observational Environment

Space D puts observer comfort at the forefront. Our facilities include an 8-seat meeting room and a 10-seat mirrored observation area that comes fully equipped with wifi connectivity, USB mic/speaker units and supplementary monitoring screens.

Observational Environment - Meeting Room

Backroom Seamless Visualization

 Supplementary Monitoring Screens

Seamless Tech Integration

Space D provides a real-time bilingual streaming service to keep our international clientele connected. We support popular streaming platforms such as Zoom, Teams,, Recollective, and are one of only a select few facilities in Japan that is compatible with Forsta

Space D Technology

Our custom-built touch panel control system allows precise management of displayed content on each facility monitor for an optimal viewing experience.

Custom-Build Touch Panel Control System

4-split screen in Backroom

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Intrigued by our glimpse into Space D? Stay tuned for updates on our other research facilities. Sugata Research also offers a diverse range of out-of-lab qualitative methodologies, from ethnographies to online diaries and many more. Reach out to our expert team for guidance tailored to your research needs.

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