Sugata Research provides research programs optimally customized to address your unique challenges. We use a variety of research and recruiting methods to explore issues from diverse perspectives and gain valuable insights.

Immersive deep dive with Japanese virtual reality users

With the presence of virtual reality continuing to grow in prominence, we conducted a series of immersive home-visits to help a leading device manufacturer understand how VR headsets are being used in Japanese homes and through behavioral observation and careful analysis were able to reveal current unmet needs and potential future use cases.

Uncovering Emotional Drivers for Online Storage

Following an extensive but somewhat confusing global quantitative survey of users of cloud storage services, we conducted depth interviews and focus groups to help a market leader see through the practical responses of Japanese users to better understand the emotional needs influencing trial and adoption

Visual Search in Japan

In one of the world’s most visually saturated and informed societies, we helped a global technology and information giant understand how gaps between consumer needs and behaviours in visual search services present opportunities for product refinement and increased cultural relevance.

Multiple Myeloma product positioning

In a clinical area where treatment methods continue to evolve, we worked with a major player in the pharmaceutical industry to taylor their messaging to suit the needs of Japanesese physicians and create optimal positioning of their new product among competitors.

Public Cloud Adoption

In a B2B market that is typically slow to adopt new technologies, we worked with a titan of global cloud provision to help them understand how to position themsleves as leader of the pack and the go-to offering for business usage of public cloud in Japan.

Ready-meals in South East Asia

With lifestyles diversifying and incomes increasing in South East Asia, we helped a leading global food maker to explore consumers’ changing needs, preferences and home-grown innovations in ready-meal preparation in the Philippines.


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