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Information Security Policy

Our mission at Sugata Research Co., Ltd. is to contribute to society by meeting the expectations of all stakeholders, including our clients, employees, and their families, through the provision of marketing research and consulting services.

In the course of our business activities, we use many information assets including personal information entrusted to us by our clients. We recognize that the protection of these information assets is the top priority of our business in order to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders.

Therefore, we hereby declare that we will formulate our basic policy for information security, establish and operate ISMS (Information Security Management System) based on this basic policy, and make company-wide efforts for continuous improvement in light of changes in the environment surrounding the company.

Additionally, we have established the following security objectives and will ensure to implement various measures to achieve these objectives.

   ✓  Respect and comply with client contracts and legal or regulatory requirements.
   ✓  Prevent information security incidents.
   ✓  Minimize the impact of information security incidents in the event of occurrence.

Sugata Research Co., Ltd.      
Andrew Darton (Managing Director)      

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