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Shared Housing in Japan: The Non-Japanese Perspective



     The idea and implementation of shared spaces, living and working, in Japan is fairly recent in its current incarnation. Within the past 5 years the number of shared housing units has blossomed from a handful to several hundred lo …[see next]

Characters that Care: The Role of Animation in Top of Mind Awareness of Illnesses and Pharmaceuticals in Japan Part 2: Hello Hemophilia – Animated Characters and Disease Awareness



What do you get when you cross a squid, a ninja, and an obese black bear?If you said winning disease education campaign, you’re right!These and numerous other characters have been adopted to help answer health and welfare questions …[see next]




For a country as peaceful and gun free as Japan the recent boom in popular of an activity which revolves around shooting other people may seem odd in the extreme. However, the roots of the popularity of Sabage (short for “survival gam …[see next]

Anisong as the bonding agent for the consolidation of Otaku culture into the global mainstream



In the internet age we have a unique ability to observe in real time the birth of new subcultures and the transformation of existing subcultures into mainstream trends. The internet as a medium can additionally act as an accelerant fo …[see next]

Sticks and stones: The rift between words and actions in China, and the implications for inbound tourism to Japan



During a recent visit to Kanazawa in the Hokuriku region of Japan, I happened upon a cozy ramen noodle stand with an impressively long line of patrons waiting for seats. Not having a specific destination in mind and beginning to feel …[see next]

Trailblazer to trailing, japanese video game makers in the 21st centry



Historically Japanese game makers have pioneered and dominated the global market for video games. Over the past 10 years, however, their share has slipped to a current 30% of the US market and a mere 13% globally. Simply put they have …[see next]

The Case for Qual in Japan



When it comes to qualitative research, Japan has a reputation problem. The received wisdom is that the country’s culture of conformity and homogeneity makes consumer discussions difficult. However, with the right approach and …[see next]

How far has the earth really moved in Tokyo?



Nick RobertsA summary of the findings of a qualitative research project carried out into the effects on consumer behaviour and attitudes six weeks after the Great East Japan Earthquake.On March 11th, only two months after leaving L …[see next]


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