Sugata Research and the IRIS Network: Navigating Global Insights
ホームSUGATAコラムARTICLESSugata Research and the IRIS Network: Navigating Global Insights


Sugata Research and the IRIS Network: Navigating Global Insights


In September 2014, Sugata Research joined the IRIS Network, a global network of independently owned research institutes with the common goal of improving global research, offering local market expertise and keeping up to date with current market research trends and insights through sharing know-how with global peers.

In this article, we discuss why we joined the IRIS Network, what we have achieved together and our shared goals for the future.

Member countries

There are currently 29 countries in the IRIS Network and this number continues to grow with the addition of new partnerships further increasing its global reach. We are happy to announce that two new members, innov8asia from Thailand and Pinaccle Analytics from Malaysia, have recently joined to make our group even bigger and more diverse.

Member countries of the IRIS Network in 2023

Motivation and objectives

The IRIS Network was founded based on the motivation to facilitate a deeper understanding of global consumer behavior. At its core, IRIS aims to connect different cultures and help businesses grow by providing the tools to improve international marketing plans and tune in to new trends and opportunities around the world.

Being in the IRIS Network means:

  • Learning about cultures: We get to know about the cultural complexities of different markets, helping us create marketing strategies that resonate globally.
  • Sharing ideas: We share and learn about new market research ideas, strategies and technologies which helps us implement more effective and creative solutions for our clients.
  • Global expertise: We have IRIS Network partners all over the world who help us understand individual markets and make smart plans for success.

Sugata’s Senior Research Executive, Chisa, sharing a case study at the IRIS Fall Meeting 2023 in South Korea

International exchange

IRIS Network gatherings are where innovation comes to life, creating a place for exchanging ideas among international thought leaders. 

The IRIS Network hosts two annual conferences in different member countries each year. Each conference provides an immersive experience through spending time together in person, while learning and exploring the host market closely.

In October this year, Sugata Research’s Managing Director, Andrew, and Senior Research Executive, Chisa, attended the 2023 IRIS Fall Meeting in Seoul. During their visit, they participated in discussions on new methodologies, innovative case studies, and the practical applications of AI in market research. These valuable experiences not only expand our team’s knowledge but also equip them with know-how on the latest research techniques being used around the world. 

Our clients also benefit from this exchange of knowledge and ideas, as we take the diverse perspectives shared at IRIS Network conferences and utilize them to help craft the innovative, personalized solutions that we offer to their business problems.

Group photo from the IRIS Fall Meeting 2023 in South Korea

Annual global surveys

Making use of the extensive global diversity of the IRIS Network, we conduct annual global surveys with the other 29 members.

As a collaboration between all members of the network, a topic of global relevance is first decided upon before research is implemented in each individual country. The results are then collected and collated into the IRIS Network Global Public Confidence Study report. In the past few years we have published global studies on the economy, climate change, health care, food and beverages, sustainability and consumer shopping behavior, to name but a few.

You can check out past IRIS Network studies here: Issued Publications by IRIS Network

Global Public Confidence Study 2023 by IRIS Network

Proud to be part of the IRIS Network

We at Sugata Research are proud of our partnership with the IRIS Network and how our connection with this globally diverse organization helps us to navigate the complexities of different markets in an increasingly interconnected world.Through this collaboration we are able to offer our clients effective and carefully tailored strategies that empower them to thrive in an ever-evolving, global marketplace.

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