IRIS Global Public Confidence Study 2023 Part 1: Confidence in Economy
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IRIS Global Public Confidence Study 2023 Part 1: Confidence in Economy


As a member of the IRIS Network – an international consortium of independent market research agencies – Sugata Research is proud to have contributed to a global market research study spanning 26 countries. This research endeavored to capture public sentiment on pressing contemporary issues including the economy, climate change, and healthcare systems.

The 2023 IRIS Global Public Confidence Study offers an extensive analysis of global public opinion across the following key areas:
  1. Public assessments of the economy and personal finances
  2. Levels of confidence and concern about climate change
  3. Perspectives on the current state of healthcare systems

During the first part of this project, respondents were queried about their fears, concerns, and trust in government and economic structures. Surveying took place online over a span of three months, from February to April 2023, involving a nationally representative sample of 500 to 1,000 adults aged 18 and above from each of the 26 countries.

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A digest of key findings from the first part of the survey includes:

  1. A Prevalent Sense of Pessimism: In 21 out of 26 countries, at least half of the respondents expressed a belief that their country is headed in the wrong direction.
  2. Economic Worries: At least one-fourth of the respondents from each country feel their national economy is in a recession. In Japan, South Korea, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Panama, this sentiment is shared by 60% to 70% of respondents.
  3. Anticipation of Recession: Besides the present economic worry, a significant number anticipate further decline. Half of the respondents, especially majorities from Japan, South Korea, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, the UK, France, Poland, Panama, and Columbia, fear that their national economies are weakening.
  4. Financial Strains: Majorities in many countries report an increasing struggle to make ends meet, negatively impacting spending. This effect is noticeable not just on discretionary spending like clothing and dining out, but also on essential items such as food and, in some cases, housing or necessary medications.

For a more detailed look at the study’s initial findings, we invite you to visit the Economic Confidence Report 2023

To learn more about the specific findings from Japan, please visit our Sugata Research LinkedIn Page


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