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"We're passionate about helping our clients and believe that each individual business problem deserves a fresh approach. However, to guide our thinking we've developed a set of five principles that create a seamless experience for our clients and ensure great results at each stage of the research process."

Put People First

We're obsessed with brands and culture but our most valuable resource is our people. That's why each of our projects is hands-on managed by one of our bilingual senior staff. It's why we have our own in-house field team to ensure that we're always in touch with the right audience. It's also why we believe in involving consumers as active participants in the research process to release their potential and get more from every session.

Use Tailor-made Thinking

Each brand and each marketing problem is unique. We understand this, and that's why we proactively work with clients to clarify objectives and define the right questions before research begins. Whether developing campaigns, creating a new segmentation or identifying a winning market positioning, each approach is tailor-made around a deep understanding of the business issues to drive our thinking further.

Mix Up Methodologies

People act and think differently in different situations. We aim to use a range of innovative methodologies on each project to connect with consumers in different contexts and get a range of views on an issue, yielding deeper understanding and more illuminating insights for our clients. We combine the best of face-to-face and digital techniques to catch consumers in all of their natural habitats, online and offline.

Give Intelligent Interpretation

We recognize that the most valuable part of the research process is turning what we've seen and heard into practical strategic direction. That's why we're always thinking about what consumer responses mean for the business problem and focused on producing forward-thinking direction and not just more questions. We don't just 'test' ideas but actively look for ways to bring out their best potential.

Take Findings Further

Truly effective research tells a story that people can relate to. We're always thinking of ways that we can help our clients get more out of their projects to ensure they live on beyond the latest report. We aim to become trusted 'partners', on call for a consumer-informed view on the brand beyond any one particular project.

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