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Hints for visiting Japanese homes

Visiting Japanese homes is not that different to visiting a home of someone in the West, meaning that if you use commonsense things should run smoothly.

There are some fundamental rules that need to be followed:

  • Always take your shoes off upon entering a person's home; there is an area to do this just inside the front door
  • Never use the bathroom without asking
  • Never wander off around the house without the person living there accompanying you
  • Do not go through personal items
  • Don't eat food that you have brought with you
  • Wear reasonably modest clothing: no need to be formal, jeans or pants and a casual shirt etc is fine
  • If the interview is scheduled to finish in 3 hours then it must finish on time. A Japanese person is highly unlikely to ask you to leave, but invariably we will hear about it later on if things didn't run to schedule

Please also note that Japanese houses/apartments are generally very small

compared to the West, with typical sizes ranging from 200 square feet for young singles to 900 square feet for a family of 3-4.

Things that would create a good impression

  • Bringing a small gift would be very well received.
    A number of our clients have done this before, just bringing something small like chocolates etc
  • Saying anything in Japanese, even if it is just a rudimentary greeting such as hello or thank you would also be very well received.
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