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A spare day in Tokyo

You're in Tokyo for fieldwork, but groups will start only at 7pm. What can you do to experience Tokyo in a day?

For Tokyo first-timers: Tokyo in a day

It's 4 am,yet you are wide awake, thanks to the jetlag. You've called everyone back home on Skype/ Facetime and just really not in the mood to catch up with work any further. It is 4 am, after all. Then I say it is high time for you to jump into the shower and speak with your (possibly very sleepy) hotel concierge and find out how to go to the Tsukiji Fish Market! From any hotel in central Tokyo, Tsukiji Fish Market is only about 30-minute cab ride, especially at that wee hour of the morning. If you feel slightly adventurous, your hotel is likely going to be quite close to a subway station, and trains will start going from around 5 am. One thing to keep in mind, if you are interested to see some massive tunas being auctioned, you kind of need to make sure to get there between 5:25 – 6:15 am. The earlier the better, as they only allow up to 120 visitors to watch the day's auction. And try not to gesture or speak when auction is happening, otherwise you might end up with a 20 kg very fine tuna!"

It's now 8 am, what should I do next?" I hear you ask…Odd as this suggestion might seem given the hour of the day, but we recommend trying the sushi places at the stalls or little restaurants surrounding the fish market. That's if you like sushi. If you don't, there are a few places where you can get hot ramen noodles. If savory dish is not your thing in the morning, then you can surely find a café chain nearby (Starbucks, Doutor, Tully's, for starters). I say chain, because they are typically open from 7 or 8am in the morning.

Now that you're full, it might be a good idea to then go back on the subway and head towards Asakusa , where Tokyo's largest Buddhist temple Senso-ji is located. Morning is great for Asakusa, as you won't be battling your way in and out of the Nakamisedori shopping street against throngs of tourists.

Not far from Senso-ji, you can then walk to the Asakusa port and take the water bus towards Hama Rikyu Garden. The park may not be the biggest in Tokyo, but it is very beautiful and you can also have a tea ceremony session for a small fee. After a very eventful day, you may want to return to your hotel and snooze a little bit to beat the jetlag. Then before you know it, it's time to go to that fieldwork in the evening!

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